High Quality Used Tires... Cheap!

There are many times when buying used tires is the right choice. You may be planning to trade your car in soon. Or, maybe just one or two tires are worn or damaged, and you want to match the wear on your other tires instead of buying new. As a service to our customers in North Tonawanda, we stock over 10,000 high quality used tires and like new take off tires from major brand tire manufacturers like Michelin®, Goodyear, BFGoodrich®, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Toyo, Nitto, Perelli, General Tire, Yokohama and many more. We offer quality used tires cheap in nearly every size and in complete sets of 4, pairs of 2 and singles. We inspect each and pressure check every used tire to be sure they will perform and, of course, we install and balance them with new rubber valve stems and adjustment of any TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) as necessary.

As the new tire prices continue to increase, many people who are looking for cheap tires are choosing to save hundreds of dollars by buying cheap, high quality used tires instead. We have literally THOUSANDS of used tires for sale and it would be impossible to inventory or display them all on one website.   Feel free to stop by or call us at (716)-692-0682 to check pricing and availability.

Do you have a leased vehicle that you are getting ready to turn in, and your tires don't meet the minimum requirement on tread?  Stop by EZ Tire & Auto, and purchase a quality used tire.  Why pay the extra price for a new tire for a vehicle that you are going to turn back into the dealer?  Contact us today, so one of our friendly sales associates can help you pick out the tires you need for your lease vehicle.


When you buy used tires at EZ Tire & Auto, we include a 30 Day Warranty against flats, separations or defects. If you experience any of these problems with a used tire purchased at EZ Tire & Auto, bring it back with your receipt within 30 days of the date of purchase and we will replace the used tire FREE OF CHARGE.

Grade A Used Tires
  • Start at $60 each installed
  • 7/32 seconds and up
  • Have even wear
  • Have 70% or better tread
Grade B Used Tires
  • Start at $50 each installed
  • Have minor to no wear issues
  • Have 50% to 70% tread

EZ Tire & Auto stocks over 10,000 quality used passenger car, SUV and light truck tires. We stock used tires up to 20 inches.  If you are looking to buy used tires at the best price, come check out our huge inventory of good used tires for sale.

It is always the consumer's decision whether new tires or used tires are the right choice for their purposes. If you decide that a quality used tire is right for you, the friendly sales staff at EZ Tire & Auto will help you select the right tires and will provide the same high quality service and attention to detail that you would expect from a new tire purchase.

EZ Tire & Auto is the USED TIRE LEADER in the North Tonawanda, NY

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